Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Not So Much With the "Boom!"

After last week's intensely awesome episode of Heroes, I was filled with unbearable anticipation for this week's climax. Maybe it was inevitable after the build-up, but I must say I found myself distinctly . . . underwhelmed.

Here, with a big nod of gratitude to the great posters at TWoP, are my Top 10 Unanswered Questions of the Heroes Finale:

  1. What the hell ever happened to the Haitian? And what about Hana Gittleman? And Claude?
  2. Why, after all those hints about Candice's real appearance, did she revert to Candice-shape when Niki knocked her out?
  3. After 87 episodes of Hiro searching for the damn sword, why did he just tamely hand it over to Ando before going off to kill Sylar?
  4. Why, after being clearly and distinctly told that he needed to cut Sylar's head off, did Hiro just stab him? Without stopping time first?
  5. What is Ma Petrelli's power? Or Charles Deveaux's?
  6. Why was Mohinder suddenly under the delusion he's a medical doctor?
  7. Since Peter wasn't, in fact, the only one who could stop Sylar, what was the point of their final confrontation? And why was it so lame? (Seriously.)
  8. If Peter was supposed to conquer Sylar/the bomb through the power of love, why didn't he?
  9. Why did Peter need Nathan to fly away?
  10. What the hell did saving the cheerleader have to do with enabling Nathan and Peter to save the world? Especially since Peter was the one who was threatening it in the first place?

Oh, well. None of this is to say that this season hasn't been one of the most exciting, satisfying TV experiences ever and that I'm not already counting the days until September. Just for the record, you can put me in the camp of people who think that Hiro's dad is Kensei, aka The Lone Samurai. Join me in the fall when the shocking truth is revealed!

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