Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wrong Questions Scoreboard

Here's a round-up of the books I bought because they were recommended by Abigail Nussbaum:

Really Loved: Middlesex, Air, Howl's Moving Castle
Liked More than Not: Her Smoke Rose Up Forever
Truly Despised: The Crimson Petal and the White, Cloud Atlas, 1610: A Sundial in a Grave

In other words, Abigail's score was just slightly better than 50/50.

That's deeply disappointing to me, because I love the way she writes and I wanted to associate myself with someone of her obvious thoughtfulness and erudition. Also, it would be handy to have an infallible guide to direct me effortlessly to things I would like and away from things I wouldn't. Instead, I'll just have to treat her like any other critic: hopefully but not blindly, without losing my grip on my native skepticism. At least I get the pleasure of reading her reviews.

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