Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Just All the Man-Candy?

I meant to start out with something more substantive, but first let's take a brief dip in the shallow end of the pool, OK?

I only started watching Grey's Anatomy somewhere in the middle of this season because it follows Ugly Betty. When it first came on, I wasn't interested, because I was already watching a medical drama, ER; just as I missed the first few seasons of ER because I decided to watch Chicago Hope instead. But once I started, I was quickly hooked. Was it the witty dialogue, the interesting characters, the compelling relationships? Well yes, but mostly it was the men.

McDreamy, with those bedroom eyes and the sexy stubble? McSteamy, with that finely molded chest and that bad-boy twinkle? And Burke, with that -- well, everything? (Alex doesn't do it for me, and George? I want to feed him cookies, not make hot monkey love to him.) My swan. I spend most of the hour fanning myself. Why didn't somebody tell me sooner?

Of course, the women aren't so bad either, from Addison to Bailey. In fact, it's a major irony that the star of the show, the one all the men are supposedly hot for, is easily the least attractive of the lot. (Note to Ellen Pompeo: please eat two cheeseburgers and do something about your stringy hair.)

Meanwhile, over at Heroes, sure the plot is fascinating, the superpowers are cool, yadda yadda. But man, those guys really bring the pretty. Mohinder, you can put me on your list anytime. Isaac, I like you clean; also dirty. Peter, come here and let me tuck those bangs behind your ears. Hiro? Go sit over there next to George and I'll bring you some cookies in a minute.

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