Wednesday, January 23, 2008

10 11 Questions About the Drakon

  1. If they left Romania because their inaccessible mountain fastness was gradually breached by humans, why did they choose to migrate to the middle of flat, populous England?
  2. What makes the alpha alpha? What would happen if the Marquess wasn't the most powerful drakon?
  3. If the male and female alphas are supposed to get married, and drakon marriages are unbreakable, what happens when the previously acknowledged alpha (like Melody or Melissa or whatever her name is) gets displaced by a newly discovered, more powerful alpha (like Rue)?
  4. Where did Darkfrith get that stupid name? And hasn't anyone human ever asked what the hell was up with that?
  5. How many drakon live in Darkfrith? What do they all do for a living?
  6. In replicating English social structures, how did they choose who was going to be noble and who was going to be a peasant?
  7. A marquessate indicates a large territory. How come there's a Marquess but no subsidiary titles and gentry?
  8. Who is on the Council? What is its purpose? What is its point, if it can't overrule the alpha?
  9. Do humans ever try to settle in Darkfrith? What happens to them?
  10. If the mere presence of drakon chases away animals, how do they farm? Do they pull the plows themselves? OK, maybe they can buy their meat, but what do they do for eggs and milk?
  11. If their half-blood descendents were so wondrous and magical and beautiful and ruthless that they ruled most of Eastern Europe for centuries, how come the drakon never took over England?

Edited January 30 to add the big one I forgot.

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