Friday, November 09, 2007

Looks Like Someone Forgot to Watch The Money Pit

Well, watching the special by What Not to Wear's Clinton Kelly about renovating his country house was surprisingly enjoyable (and much better than Stacey London's annoying extracurricular efforts). I liked the parts with his family, and laughed when he did makeovers of his contractors, including his dad. But really, he seemed overly bewildered by the realities of the time and money needed to achieve his vision. Shouldn't a big old queen like him have seen Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House by now?

I liked many of his design choices, especially in the master bathroom and guest bedroom (that orange chrysanthemum wallpaper? To die for). But he has got to be kidding about that purple sofa/yellow-and-pink rug combo and the antler chandelier ($5,500? you cannot possibly be serious). He told his interior designer that one of his goals was for some people to walk into the living room and hate it. Clinton, consider your mission accomplished.

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