Monday, April 23, 2007

State Not Even So-So

State Fair? Please. Is this really the sort of thing that used to pass as entertainment? A couple of decent songs does not qualify this as a watchable movie.

Note to Margie (Jeanne Crain): Girl, you have more choices in life than just marrying the loser next door or taking up with the first slick-talking womanizer to come around. Get on the train to Chicago your own damn self, get a job, and buy yourself some decent clothes! Also, I've got $100 that says Dana Andrews cheats on you within the year.

Note to Ma Frakes (Fay Bainter): If winning the mincemeat prize is really the summit of your ambition, you need to get out more. And get yourself a real name. And why the hell can't I ever tell you apart from Spring Byington?

Note to Wayne (Dick Haymes): Get over yourself, plastic boy (calling you "wooden" would be too natural). Thank God poor Emily couldn't marry you: not only didn't you give her the chance to explain to you herself, you went back to your old girlfriend two minutes after you got home. Broken hearts mend quickly in Iowa!

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