Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Screaming Memes: The Movie Version

I've been thinking of a list of movie lists that parallels the book lists I posted earlier. If you like it, put your own answers on your site and let me know. Maybe I'll have started a meme of my own!

I Paid 10 Bucks for That?: Worst Movies You Saw in a Theater
Mission: Impossible
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Jerry Maguire
Mrs. Doubtfire

Honey, Is There Something Else On?: Worst Movies You Rented/Saw on TV
Ruby in Paradise
Some Came Running
Friends With Money
Driving Miss Daisy
South Pacific

Bad Movies You've Seen More Than Once
That Touch of Mink
Funny Face
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Funny Girl
Imitation of Life
Butterfield 8

Movies You Hated That Everyone Else Loved
The English Patient
Pretty Woman
The Producers
Sleepless in Seattle

Movies You've Lost Track of How Many Times You've Seen
The Maltese Falcon
The Big Sleep
Now, Voyager
North by Northwest

Movies That Didn't Need Remakes
The In-Laws
101 Dalmatians
The Manchurian Candidate

Movies That Didn't Need Sequels
Jurassic Park
The Pink Panther (Although A Shot in the Dark was funny)

It's in My Queue: Movies You've Somehow Never Gotten Around to Seeing
Midnight Cowboy
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Taxi Driver
A Clockwork Orange

Movies You Refuse to See No Matter How Many People Say You Should
Harold and Maude
Silence of the Lambs
The Shawshank Redemption

Movies You've Never Been Able to Watch No Matter How Many Times You've Tried
Father of the Bride
The Producers
The Lost Weekend
The Odd Couple
Arsenic and Old Lace

Movies Where You've Fallen in Love With/Wanted to Have Sex With at Least One Character
My Brilliant Career
The Big Easy
The Big Sleep
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Star Wars

Movies Where You've Wanted to Adopt at Least One Character
The Wizard of Oz

Is It Over Yet?: Movies Where You Had to Close Your Eyes More Than Once
The Shining
An American Werewolf in London
The Birds

Four-Hanky Jobs: Movies That Make You Cry Like a Baby
Random Harvest
Terms of Endearment
Now, Voyager
The Way We Were
Dark Victory

Surely You're Not Serious: Funniest Movies Ever Made
Duck Soup
The In-Laws
Bringing Up Baby
Animal House
A Fish Called Wanda
Young Frankenstein
Some Like It Hot
This Is Spinal Tap

Movies Where You've Wanted to Slap the Hero(ine) Silly
West Side Story

What Does He See in Her?: Movies Where the Other Woman (or Man) Is Clearly So Much Better for the Hero(ine)
Gentlemen's Agreement

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