Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh, Eddie

My sister and I saw Dreamgirls around New Year's. Eddie Murphy was truly, truly awesome. I could have watched him the whole time, and in fact my interest flagged considerably whenever he or Jennifer Hudson wasn't on screen. Sis and I agreed how wonderful it was to see Eddie in a role worthy of him rather than the crap that has marked so many of his movie appearances.

And then I saw the commercial for his new movie, Norbit. Back to the drag and the fatsuit and the lame sight gags.

Oh, Eddie. You're so much better than that.

Edited Feb 26 to add: Sad but not surprised Eddie didn't get his Oscar. Can't help imagining the Academy members got a look at the ads for Norbit and slapped their collective foreheads. "My God, what were we thinking, nominating a guy like that? Dude, Alan Arkin's old and he's never embarassed us; let's vote for him!"

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